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large format printing

Thank you for opening this page for FAQ's. I'll save this on my bookmark.

Pete Stoppani

We will add AirPrint support in the next update. Until then, you can use Copy and the Paste to neu.Notes and use it to print.



Hey! I Love the neu.calc App. But I couldnt find a Way to Print. Can you help me?


Who'll be handy to be able to edit the equation in text mode as well, now you can only edit the last element of a list, which is frustrating if the first number is wrong...

Also, double clicking the M to edit is handy, and being able to reorder them would also be nice

Great app though

Pete Stoppani

Look for it in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!


Philippe Chassaing

The New scaling menu at the bottom right of the screen is great, but it lacks just one item : "fit screen" is not that useful to me, for it fits according to the height, while fitting the width of the sheet to the width of the screen would be utterly convenient : that is precisely what I struggle to do manually once every 5 minutes. So, please, instead of "fit screen", consider "fit height", and, above all, "fit width" !

Philippe Chassaing


Is it possible to rotate pages of a PDF?

Pete Stoppani

We will add the A-F Hex buttons in the next update.

e is on the algebraic keypad (touch the square-root in the push button in the toolbar).



How would I enter a hex number (in hex mode)?
How would I enter a constant (e.g.: e, mentioned in help)?

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