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Pete Stoppani

If you are experience a crash, please send the crash logs to [email protected] Refer to http://www.neupen.com/static/faq_crashlogs.html for instructions.



After updating a while ago the dropbox export did not work anymore. Now I just downloaded the latest update and the program does not even start up anymore. It just crashes after the opening screen. Please do something.


I was wondering if you guys removed the free version of this app from the App Store. I can't seem to find the free version when I search through iTunes for it.

Pete Stoppani

To make a highlighter just change the pen opacity and width


Lupe Rubio

I would like a refund, since it doesn't even have a highlight feature.


I bought this app two or three weeks ago, it was good when I first got it. But after I update my iPad version it just crashes Everytime I open???? Anyway I can slove the problem?


Good evening, I bought this app a few days ago. It's good but when I try to open large pdf files, it crashes. Can you solve? Could it be a conversion problem? Should I convert my files? What should I do? Thanks


I have currently no documents but the size of the iCloud backup is still 114 MB.

Art Davis

I am using this app extenively, and I think it is very effective. However, I feel that bookmarking capability would be a big plus factor. Please consider adding it.


1) Not support retina display on New iPad yet. Please fix.
2) Add a icon for full screen mode while reading.


[1] I have made annotations to a PDF file using Acrobat Pro.

But these annotations do not show up in neu.annotate when the PDF file is accessed via Dropbox. What do I need to do in neu.annotate or in Acrobat Pro to see the annotations made by Acrobat?

I also want to add further annotations in neu.annotate and upload the changed file back to Dropbox with both the old annotations made by Acrobat and the new annotations made by neu.annotate to be preserved and visible.

Basically I would like to annotate a PDF file using both Acrobat and neu.annotate and preserve ALL annotations. (My annotations are comments and notes made about scientific papers.)

[2] Is is possible to view and annotate a PDF file in a continuous manner so that I can see the bottom of one page and the top of the following page at the same time?

With thanks in advance!

Pete Stoppani

We have submitted an update to support the Retina display; just waiting for Apple to move it to the store.



One more question: will there be an update to enable the retina display rendering for the PDF document? Currently it doesnt render the underlying pdf nearly as sharply as the display is capable of showing. I am looking at a scanned image PDF of mixed English and Chinese text.


Great paid app. I'd like to request:

Allow the magnifier control to be at the top of the screen as an option. I write in the magnifier and it's hard to do so while lying down when the magnifier is at the bottom of the screen.

Allow disabling the auto advance feature in the magnifier. I prefer to control the magnifier panning behavior myself, it throws me off when the magnifier jumps around.

Allow as an option to auto resize the full page view to fit the remainder of the screen when turning on the magnifier. It's really slow and annoying to scroll down to the lower part of the document that's obscured by the magnifier control (admittedly this might be an artifact of slowness on the new iPad).

Pete Stoppani

The apps provide tags for organization



Is there a feature to create folders? I've put a lot of manuals on here, and would really love to be able to organize them. Thanks


When opening a PDF via email in either neu.annotate or neu.annotae + I always get 2 copies....is there a setting so that I only get one copy?


Feature request:
Highlight text by selecting text.
Integrate dictionary (like Dropbox)
Support scrolling from page-to-page (like Dropbox)

Pete Stoppani

We are fixing the lag that occurs on the new iPad and expect to have an update available later this week.


Emily Rostoks

I have had Neu Annotate for a bit now and hope to have it implemented within one of our faculty departments shortly, however when trying it on the new iPad (some are calling this iPad3) highlighting via a line is getting quite choppy with a significant lag. For example I will move my finger from one side of the page to the next, and then will need to wait for the line to catch up. Any ideas? Has this been reported before?


Pete Stoppani

In the iPhone you can change the pens to highlighters by changing their color, width and opacity. Tap on the pen and then on the pen attribute picker to the right.



How do I highlight text in iPhone app??? If this isn't possible, it's a deal breaker.



I got just one question. First pen in the bar. Does it make circles from teh beginning? Cuz i don't know if i changed anything,mand would really like it to only draw a line.

Tnx for your answer ;)

Otherwise, great app! ;)

Pete Stoppani

Individual page rotation is not currently supported



how can I rotate pages individualy?

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