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Alexander Avenarius

Thanks for the reply, Pete. I'm saying good-bye to neu.Annotate, then -- GoodReader offers those crucial features I need, although I admit the annotation tools themselves are superior in neu.Annotate. Too bad I can't combine the best features of both of those apps into a single app! ;-)

I'll continue using neu.Notes on a daily basis, though -- it's fabulous software, and it's become mission-critical for me. It blows Evernote out of the water, in my opinion. Thank you!

Pete Stoppani

There are no short-term plans for full-screen nor night-mode.

The free version is no longer available.


Alexander Avenarius

Pete, is there still no feedback to my questions? 1) No full-screen mode?; 2) No free version of neu.Annotate? And I may add a third question: 3) No Night Mode?

Thank you for replying, if you find a minute. I continue using neu.Notes on a daily basis, and can't imagine my life without it. :-) However, I stopped using neu.Annotate, reverting to GoodReader, due to the unavailability of full-screen mode and night mode. (I purchased both apps, so it's not on my behalf I'm asking about the free version of neu.Annotate.)

Pete Stoppani

The app does not display annotations made in Acrobat because it uses Apples PDF support and it ignores these annotations.



I received a PDF file with annotations made in Acrobat (they show up as little post-its that expand). Does your program read or display such annotations? Thanks.

Alexander Avenarius

Hi Pete,

Many months ago, I asked you about the full-screen mode in neu.Annotate+, and you said it would be introduced. I still can't see it in the current version. I have had to switch to other PDF annotating apps for the time being, like GoodReader and PDF Expert, because seeing the top toolbar in neu.Annotate all the time, is very distracting. neu.Annotate+ is hands-down the best, when it comes to the annotating tools -- I just can't stand seeing the toolbar all the time. Why not make the toolbar auto-hide, Pete, if that's what the user prefers? And a single tap of the finger in, say, center of the screen, would bring the toolbar back.

Thank you if you can make full-screen mode possible, Pete, because I'd like to get back to using neu.Annotate+. Also, when implementing full-screen mode, please make it possible to hide the iOS status bar as well (with the time/battery status), along with neu.Annotate's own status bar at the bottom. These could all be options in neu.Annotate settings, in terms of users checking/unchecking whatever status bar/toolbar they wish to see in full-screen mode. I for one wish to see nothing at all, except for the page of the PDF file. But a single tap of my finger should bring everything back.

Another question I posted many months ago: is the free version of neu.Annotate gone for good? You replied back then, it would return to the App Store, but so far it hasn't. I've been promoting neu.Annotate wherever I go, but when people have no way to preview the app for free, it's less likely for them to go ahead and buy it.

Thank you.

Luca Ballerin

Quando uso la gomma per cancellare si chiude l'app. Inoltre non si riesce più ad eliminare il double tap.
Come procedere? Grazie

Rouge Pandora

Hi! is there any way to recover neuAnnotate+ files?
I reinstalled the app because it kept shutting down and all my files are gone.
Please let me know if there is anything that can be done.


Jason Frazier

Please consider adding support for the Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus. Ten One Design will give you a free Bluetooth stylus and they say the Library is easy to add in.


I have been using neu.annotate for several months and I also have other apps for pdf annotation; including good reader, pdf reader pro, etc. In my opinion, neu.annotate is the best for my purpose to read, highlight, and takes notes on textbook. The highlight function is very easy to access compared to other apps and the highlighting is more flexible compared to other apps.

I think neu.annotate is currently the best app on the market for textbook reader.

However, I have some comments on some parts that I think if you add these features it might improve the function of the app.

1.I would like it to have a function to send pdf to other filesharing app, such as box, google drive, spideroak, not only dropbox.

2.I have tons of textbook on neu.annotate. Once I read my textbook to a certain page, the appearance of that pdf file on the first page of neu.annotate will change according to the page I was reading and this was so confusing when you have several textbooks, you hardly tell which pdf is which books. I want it to show the cover of that pdf instead of the current page that I am reading.

Thanks so much


I cant send my files to Dropbox - the send to Dropbox feature doesn't appear to work and the list of applications in Open PDF in... doesn't include Dropbox. I read I would have to delete some of those applications listed and restart to make Dropbox appears. Can that possibly be correct? I bought the + version just so I could interface with Dropbox. I don't want to delete those apps!

Pete Stoppani

Lucero - Yes, that is what the app does.


Lucero Estrada

Hi! I want to now if this app function with protected documents. I don't want to change the information, I only want to write notes, highlihter or underline. Is it possible with this app?

Pete Stoppani

We have reported the problem to Dropbox.

For now, the workaround is to install the Dropbox app.

To Import from Dropbox:

1. Open the Dropbox app
2. Open the document
3. Use the apps Open in… feature and select the neu.Pen app

To export to Dropbox:

1. Open the doc in the neu.Pen app
2. Instead of using Export to, use Open in… and select Dropbox


Account Deleted

You may already be aware of this, but there is a problem with Dropbox. I can link my account and upload, but when I try import there are no files or folders appearing in the menu. The same for Notes+

Account Deleted

Thanks Pete. I sent an email again to support.

Pete Stoppani

Please resend your issues to support, we must have missed the email. Sorry.


Account Deleted

Have you stopped supporting this app? It's been about 4 months now, and I haven't received any reply about the problem I'm having with PDF+ and Notes+.


Hi, I annotated a PDF, exited the app and it wiped everything. Is there a save function? I couldn't find it..

Account Deleted

I "used" to use Annotate PDF+ and Notes+ on a daily basis in the classroom for teaching. The apps worked fine on the iPad 2, but since I bought the iPad 3, the apps are almost impossible to use because they are "extremely" slow. The slowness becomes even worse while I am connected to an external display via VGA, HDMI, or Apple TV.

I am not the only one with this problem--other iPad 3 users that I know are having the exact same issue using these apps. I hope you can resolve this issue soon. I made an inquiry about 3 months ago and you tried to help me, and I thank you for trying, but I still cannot use these apps.

I have tried other apps such as Notability, GoodNotes, and Notes Plus, but these apps do not have the features of your apps. I really loved the Notes+ and Annotate PDF+ apps when they functioned properly.

Please let me know if you have any fix for this issue coming soon. I really need to find an alternative if this cannot be fixed.




I see that the free version of annotate is still not available on the app store. When will it be there on the store. I really need it.



I m having difficult to send my pdf files to mail. I do the steps till the end ( send button) . But it stays dark blue, signing me that it was pressed and the page get steady in this step ( not possible to close the keyboard or press any other button).
And the file doesn t arrive in my mail box. Any help, please?



Are there any plans to add WebDAV support in the future (like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote offer)? I have an AirStash+ on which I would like to copy these files. Currently, I have over 500 MB of file storage.


I took neu.annotate because the list of features included "- Fill out and sign documents" but I have not found a way to fill out a pdf form, can explain me more details about this?


I need to know if I can recover a file deleted, it is very important and I have a copy

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