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I use PDF Annotate+ and Notes+ every day. They are great apps.
I am having a problem with both of these apps: They are almost useless now, while connected to an external monitor using a VGA or HDMI connector. They work very fast and smooth when not connected. I have been using these two apps in my classroom teaching students. I use them as whiteboards. Is there a fix for this problem? I'm not talking about just a little lag in the performance--it is really SLOW.

One more issue with Notes+: while connected using VGA, when I try to use the arrow to select all, it does not work. It works when not connected.

I need these apps to work again. I am using the new iPad. When I was using these apps on the iPad 2, I did not have this problem.

I appreciate anything you can do.



M. Krohn

I'm a copy editor and have been using Annotate to mark up copy. I particularly enjoy your interface, especially the way you've implemented the straight-line tool. Having six different pencils instantly at hand is also of enormous benefit. There are two things, though, that I would like to see in the next update. First, I would like the maximum zoom level (via pinching) to be at least double its current value. Second, I would like The pen widths to come in half-step increments (at least at the small end of the scale); that is, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 .... You've made a great app here! Thank you.


I just upgraded to +.
How do I import my PDF files from the free version?

Mark J

I use Neu.annotate+ a lot to review construction and furniture plans which come from CAD in single pdfs. I would love for Neu.annotate+ to have the. The merge pdfs or copy page to clipboard then add as new page on to another pdf in order to combine pages and send them out as a single email.

With this functionality i would rate 5 stars.

As of now i use it over docAs and Upad great app.

Camila castro

Can I export just my notes made with the text tool? I'm look for that too.

Any information about that?


I'd like to add a design change request for usability. Can you have the magnifier focus carat be a simple wireframe that does not render while panning around, but instead rendering the magnifier pane only after the user lets go of the carat after dragging? This would greatly speed up the experience when frequently zooming and panning on image based PDF files.


Can you add the function of bookmark. So we can easy to find the page we mark. Thanks.

Manish Makwana

Hi, i'm using neu.annotate + for uni and am really loving it. Using tags instead of folders takes some getting used to but i like it. However, can i suggest a feature?

I often zoom in close to write comments, but when i zoom out again it takes a while to load the rest of the pdf. Can you have the app buffer the pdf, so that i don't have to wait for it to re-render the file? This would be a huuuge help!


Pete Stoppani

The free version will return shortly.


Alex Avenarius

Erm... Is there no longer any free neu.Annotate version? The app store only offers me neu.Annotate+. That would be too bad, because I was just about to recommend neu.Annotate for general use in our school. (Like I did with neu.Notes as the primary note-taking app, see here: http://bit.ly/HPMoet ) However, if there's no option to "try before you buy", I'm not sure many people in our school would buy the software right away.

Also, is there a "Volume Purchase Program" available for buying a larger number of instances of neu.Annotate+ for school use in Europe?

Finally, what about the full-screen option that Pete said several months ago would be implemented in a future version? Any plans on this? I find it distracting to have the toolbar displayed all the time. So, I find I need to read PDF files in iBooks, which isn't distracting, but for editing, I always switch back to neu.Annotate+. I wish I could do both reading and editing in neu.Annotate+. The ideal solution might be: tap once anywhere within the PDF file, and the toolbar disappears. Tap again, and the toolbar becomes visible again. This "Full Screen Mode" could be an optional feature and could be disabled for those users who don't ever need/want a full-screen mode.


Can I export just my notes made with the text tool?

Pete Stoppani

We will fix the cannot create doc when using VGA output issue. Thanks.


Pete Stoppani

Instead of folders, the app provides tags for organizing documents.


Pete Stoppani

iTunes File Sharing is the closest thing that Apple provides to a Mount as Disk function. See our FAQ for more info (link is at the top of this blog).



I failed to mention that I am using Neu.Annotate Plus and Neu.Notes Plus apps in my previous post.


I hope you can add "Mount As Disk" function. It would make transferring files so much faster and easier for me. I don't want to use Dropbox because it eats up all of my Dropbox storage space. I would like to store my files locally on my macbook pro. I use this app as a teacher--it is my whiteboard for my classroom along with neu.notes. I scan a lot of documents every day and use them for my classes.
Also, I would love to see a Folder structure to organize documents. I have many classes--it is difficult to find the document that I need for each class. A folder system would be great.

I have two problems while using this app and neu.notes app:
1) While connected to an external monitor via VGA cable, zooming and writing is quite sluggish.
2) While connected to an external display, I cannot create a new document--the same is true while using neu.notes app.


After the update, the app crashes immediatly. i had installed again, ipad reeboot etc.
It's not possible to set the language to english, it crashed immediatley. I had the language all the time to english.
Please fix it.


Please have the tabs feature. It's extremly useful when work with several pdf files at the same time.


As of the latest april release of neu.annotate+ on the new iPad v3, attempting to open the annotated image-based PDF I've been using for weeks now briefly paints the page and then the app crashes and exits immediately. I believe this is caused because the last time I was using the app in the previous release, I had the magnifier turned on with the magnified portion focus positioned on a part of the page beneath the magnifier control itself. I have been unable to extract any crash logs, there are none saved on the iPad.

You can reproduce this crash with the built in sample documents easily. Open the sample PDF, open magnifier, and drag the focus down until the point you're touching goes beneath the magnifier control. The app will immediately exit.

Johannes Haubner


since the last update the app close direct after opening - what should i do?

Please help!


I neglected to state that I am using NEU ANNOTATE+


I have been enjoying using NEU ANNOTATE for months. However with the most recent update to the program, although I am still able to highlight,etc., all of a sudden it won't send files to my dropbox, won't show up when I try to email the doc to myself, and ANNOTATE isn't showing up in my other programs as an option to "open in".


Pete Stoppani

The free version will be back in a couple of weeks.


Pete Stoppani

We are aware of a start up crash problem in Germany and have submitted a fix.

Until the update is in the app store, the workaround is to use the Settings app and set the language to English.

Bis das Update im App-Store ist, ist die Zwischenlösung, die Einstellungs-App zu benutzen und die Sprache auf Englisch zu stellen.


Jake Smith

Overall, this is a good pdf editing app. Definitely one of the best for the price. I'm a university student, and I've used this app extensively on my ipad over the past few weeks for taking notes and annotating/highlighting handouts.

However, 0there are some additional features I would like to see:
1. I've noticed that after editing a document with a table of contents and saving it, the document loses the table of contents, and you have to manually scroll to each section.
2. I would like to be able to to rotate single pages (as opposed to the whole document)
3. I would like to be able to add a page from another pdf file (as opposed to just adding a blank page)

If these features are added in the next update, I would definitely come back and change my rating to 5 stars.

Overall, a great app.

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