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Walt Edwards

Thanks for a great tool.

I'd like to use it for developing quick application interfaces during meetings. It would be very easy if a few simple shapes were added such as a listbox, drop down list, check box, and radio button. Any chance of adding these?

Keep up the good work! :-)



I've been looking for an app that has similar functionality to MS Paint. Yours is the closest I can find so far. However, The lack of comprehensive help/manual has left me struggling a bit. I'm slowly figuring out what's what, but am hoping I'm not missing out on learning about useful features.

Any suggestions about what I can read and where I can find it?



In line with Armin's comment above, it would be very useful to be able to have multi-line text.

Thank you.

Pete Stoppani


To fill the circle halves with a different color you will need to duplicate the circles and cut one in half using the bezier curve editing points (remove one and changing two of them to sharp angle points).



Thank you for this beautiful app. I have never used a vector based drawing program before and was a little bit impressed by all the possible features. But after 1 hour of drawing it all seems very logic. My compliments.
Apart from the beforementioned suggestions I couldn't find the possibility to fill in shapes, not formed by the predifined shapes. For example, when I have a circle, devided by a line, I'd like to give the 2 halves a different colour.
If this option is already there, I'm interested how to do this.


hope that come a pc version for this small greate tool.


I must agree with most people's comments : this is a most impressive iPad vector drawing program. Let alone a free one. In my opinion, it largely surpasses 15$ programs I have tried in UI, smootheness, responsiveness. Functions and features are also quite impressive as it is. I was already able to answer a request to modify a graphic for the holidays with Neu.Draw, and it was fun and quick.

As for the future, can not help but wonder if the developpers are going to go the way of Adobe Ideas and make possible in app purchases of features .

In any case, my primary whish list would be layers, document setup, and the possibility to draw even thinner lines than what is already possible.

Pete Stoppani


To edit the bezier curve of an object, simply double tap the object and you will see the bezier curve editing handles.


Ahmad Humeid

I am super impressed with your UI. By the way I am a 20 year adobe illustrator user and I am Radcliffe by the possibilities of desig apps on the iPad. I jus bough ideas after posting a question about which the best vector app is on the iPad. I received an answer from someone recommending idraw so I went for it.

You interface philosophy is superior. So many little ideas that are smart and intuitive.

But the glaring omission is bezier curves.. Or am I missing something here?

I will definitely follow up on the development of neu.draw. Keep up the great work.


Many thanks for the great application... Keep going!

Pete Stoppani

Alister, we have export to Photos on our near-term list of enhancements for both neu.Draw and neu.Notes. Thanks for the support and feedback!


Alister Webb

I have looking for a drawing app to take down quick technical diagrams in meetings at work an had given up! They were all too difficult. This one is very intuitive, and I found it by accident...life can be wonderfully unpredictable.

You already have most of the features I want in a drawing app. I am most interested in export formats. I would like to have an option to save the drawings direct to the Photos app (not via email or iTunes file sharing), so I could immediately import it as a picture into other text-based apps which I use to take meeting notes.

Thanks, great work.


great app -and for free, wow!
I would like to see a substract & add feature, so you can make more complex shapes.


Please let us covert fonts to editable vector. Thanks


Bug: One of my documents -- the first one I created -- shows blank on the home screen, even though it has several objects on it. I have not been able to recreate this so far with other documents.

Pete Stoppani

Tom, thanks for the feedback. We do have a revenue plan which will appear in all our apps early next year. We will also improve the straight line issue.


I like the program. I had a problem though. Some of the fonts that are in this program I do not have on my computer so when I exported as a PDF .. the art work did not load correctly because of this. Is there a way to convert the type to outlines so that we can edit them directly?

Other than that I am loving this so far! :)


I badly needed a vector graphics program to produce a simple graphic. Yours filled the need, and strikes me so far to be very nicely designed. It puzzles me that this is free; in the spirit of shareware I would be happy to send a donation to express my appreciation for this and your other graphics programs. Let me know.

One comment: resizing lines, when they are vertical or horizontal, was a little tricky -- but maybe if I check out the video I'll see the right way to do it. Later...


This app is fantastic. So far I was not able to find any bug.

I would like to use this app for taking notes. I prefer drawing vector graphics compared to freehand drawing. For this purpose it would be nice to be able to edit the text directly on page (without the single text editing line). Furthermore I need the possibility to write paragraphs in text boxes. And it would be nice if I could search for text in all documents with certain tags.


The Best UI around. I enjoy it too much and can focuse on what is important. Your work made my iPad truly useful

Regards from Berlin
And thanks a lot for the good work


I drew some pictures with nau.Draw.

I enjoyed the best UX in iPad vector editors I have ever tried.

Since it's a brand new software, it lacks some features.
Here is the features I want while drawing those pictures:
・Pasting in Front of current selection,
・Drop shadow,
・Smart guide,
・Setting the center of rotation/scaling,
・Moving multiple nodes while keeping their relative position,
・Layer, or editting nodes of an object in a group,
・Setting default node style (sharp angle or curve),
・Setting node style on multiple nodes,
・Blending modes (e.g. multiply, screen),
・Emboss, or some other metalic effects,
・Staying node editing mode after undo,
・Precise vertical/horizontal gradiation (i.e. snapping in gradiation editor),
・Polyline/polygon tool,
・Gradiation fill on text objects,
・Locking multiple objects,
・Changing lightness or satuation while keeping hue,
・Color picker,
・Setting gradients on multiple objects results as if those are one object,
・Inline gradients editor (a la Illustrator CS4 or later),
・Selecting below object (locked objects are not selectable in Illustrator, I can select below objects),
・Keeping selection while zooming or panning, and
・Better zooming behavior like Map app.

I found some defects:
・Moving a node, adding a node, then undoing should undo only the addition of the node but it also undos the movement of the node.
・Undoing after moving multiple objects should undo the movement of all objects, but it undos the movement of one object par undo.
・It's hard to select 0% or 100% in the color picker.
・It's hard to select multiple objects without moving them.
・Tapping the next node of the current selecting node tend to add a node, in complex object.

Thank you for great app.


Are you guys working for free? Great stuff - the best IMO.

Amar Sood

WOW. I had never used any of your apps before, but neu.draw is outstanding (and, had you been so inclined, worth more than the price of the other vector drawing apps out there).

Thank you again!

Pete Stoppani

James, thank you for the feedback.  Many of the items you request are coming in a future update.




As i think of it... There is a bug... Or another option should be made available...

You have conveniently allowed us to lock an object, however this only locks the attributes... Ideally, you should extend the lock to the location of the object on the workspace.

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