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This app is awesome! You guys are by far the most usable drawing app on ipad. Have you thought of making videos for this stuff?

Pete Stoppani

The next update adds a multi-line text element.

Bullet lists are a ways off.



Is there a way to insert a blank line (carriage return) in typed text?

Alternatively, can one create a bullet list?

These would make text much more wieldly.

Great app though! Thanks a bunch.

Mark Jones

Love the app with one reservation. I certainly would love an export to dropbox. In the absence of this feature I must rely on email. Email is a bit flaky. Sometimes I can't get the keyboard to pop up to type an address. I have to completely exit and re launch. I mean completely exit by turning off the app running in the background. Next issue is that the mail function does not send file name and extension correctly. I send a .dat file that works ok once the extension is changed to PDF or jpg.

Pete Stoppani

To flip a shape, drag a middle resize handle from one side of the shape to the other.

S Williamson

Is there a way to flip a shape horizontally or vertically?


Thank you for this great app.

I would like to be able to choose line style - eg dotted or dashed.

And the arrow to go into extra properties is a little small, so I keep missing it and selecting another shape accidentally.


I like your program suite. But i have a very special wish: to be able to open a pdf to a canvas, each page side by side in a user defined matrix, keeping the text search-able. Now i can make freehand notes to the canvas-pdf and in the end save to a one-page pdf, either with great enough pagesize or great enough resolution for everything to be seen.

I am a medical student in sweden and wuld use this all the time during studies if it would be possible.


Claudia Wey

I love it, and I obviously have a wish already: import PDF vector graphics (even just the subset created by using this app). Thanks for this fantastic app!

Mahn-Soo Choi

Unlike image exports (jpg, png), the PDF exports seem to have wrong /MediaBox. Whereas the image files have bounding box enclosing only the actual drawing area, the PDFs have a large blank space at the bottom.

I guess this is also a bug?

Pete Stoppani

Please send us specific bug and feature requests.


Mahn-Soo Choi

This App is fantastic, converting automatically and in real time freehand drawings to vector-graphic Bezier curves.

But, the export feature seems rather primitive and buggy; the notebooks manager is also primitive. Can I expect the Wi-Fi feature in the next update? I need this or similar feature desperately because I'm drawing more than 20 diagrams with this App per each lecture.

Pete Stoppani

The keyboard bug will be fixed in the next version update.


Mahn-Soo Choi

I like this App very much. It's almost perfect for drawing.

But the file manager (or notebook manager) is buggy and too primitive.

When a new notebook is created and I tried to rename it (by pushing the "i" button), some times the keyboard does not show up. It seems like a bug.


Make it easiear (less taps) to select and then group a number of objects
Now it's 5, could be 2 or 3
thanks, one o the greatest apps

L.W. Brown

Add grids like opening a grid-PDF and using it as a layer...

L.W. Brown

Would be nice to be able to add more grid styles - esp. to edit & add my own...


...also das hatte ich nicht erwartet!
nach ganz kurzer zeit fast alle bedienelemente verstanden - sowas von einleuchtend!
wunderbar, dazu noch kostenlos, spaß macht es auch,
ich bin begeistert und würde gerne 6 sterne vergeben...



Let us know when the export to photos is implemented because I need it to be able to use the created drawing in other apps.


Nice app!
2 requests:
-faster way (eg gesture) to switch from drawing to selecting
-faster way to group objects together


Pete Stoppani

We plan to offer the ability to import symbols.


Do you guys have a plan to offer symbols etc? Say electronic etc?


Keep it up guys. This is a great product and a simply excellent ui.
Boy if Autocad had a Ui like this you could fire all your cad people and get the janitor to do it instead.


This app is amazing!
I just searched for "svg" in the app-store with rather low expectations to find anything at all or even more anything that useful. This is a mature, well-thought-out program that can easily keep up with my favorite desktop-solution inkscape. What have we done, to deserve such a masterpiece for free? ;-)
I would have been willing to pay quite some bucks for it and dammit, just looked for a payed app from you to buy it just to support you, but they're all for free!

Finally here is my only one suggestion to make it even better: I would love to be able to import external svg's, so that i can continue works that i started with inkscape.

Keep up this great work and please add a price tag, apple is not linux! :-)


Hi Guys
Any timeframes you can share for the pending updates?
I guess layers are my main wish coupled with anything you can glean from Inkscape :)

Fantastic app by the way, with the obvious requests others have made this can only get even better, but interested in rough timelines

Oh, drawing perfect straight lines for train tracks on a map is really something I am missing badly, is there a way to do it?

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