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I just have to say thanks for neu.Draw. Its a great application and an easy interface.

Just wondering what you used in ios to draw with - was it Quartz2d?

Thx Again

iPod touch keylogger

I am enjoying this site, this site some great resource that you are providing and give it away for free.....lol.





If i use select tool and select, program closes...


Great app, neu.draw

My page dissappeared when i was zooming out.. How do I resize without 'page size' button?


Great app, neu.draw
I have a problem though.., i was resizing my page and my page disappeared into thin pixels... ;) how can i +zoom my page withou the menu button 'page size'

Alexander R.

I truly have mixed feelings about this app now. I have used this app for over a year now; however, recently I lost the contents of an entire document due to a bug! I use neu.draw v1.3 on my 1st generation iPad with iOS 4.3.3. If possible, please help me recover my document! I could send you the XXXXXXXXXX.XXXX.container folder of the corrupt drawing. I can also provide you with the debuglog.txt or other files if it helps. Please contact me for further details.


Thanks for an excellent vector app. It is the best vector app out there for iOS.

But there is a problem with using it with other iPad programs, it can't be done. It is impossible to export the drawings as images so I can use the with other iPad programs like Pages, Numbers, iMovie and so on. To do that i need to carry around my computer, in that way I can export the image through iTunes and then reimport it back to the iPad. Another way is to mail the images to myself. None of these methods are optimal.

The best would be if the images could be exported as jpeg or png images to the "Camera Roll". This is supported through the Apples APIs. In that way the images would be accessible through outer iPad apps without the need of using elaborate workarounds.

Pete Stoppani

To select multiple objects individually, touch and hold the first object with one hand and tap on the other objects with the other hand.


Hi Pete.

Is there any way to select individual objects without using the paint or enclosing method? Like when the object aren't close together it makes it difficult to isolate them in order to perform an action on them. Like using the ctrl or command key on the keyboard.
Love your app!


Dave Whitehead

Brilliant app!! Very intuitive.

New feature suggestions: Dropbox integration, save to camera roll, copy/paste between other apps.

Thanks for a great app.


When I try to recolor a shape using RGB 248, 243, 210 the app rebels and colors it pink!

Pete Stoppani

We are indeed moving many neu.Draw features into neu.Notes+. The next update contains vector editing. It also fixes the undo issue.

Well update neu.Draw shortly.



Nice app, am using it a lot. However, it still can be improved.

1) Add all Draw capabilities into Notes+. That would make it awesome. That would allow us to create projects with multiple pages (Notes+ func) with the ability to do good drawings without having to copy from Draw. Also, some features of Notes+ would be good in Draw (such as wrist guard). So combining these 2 (or at least adding all Draw features into Notes+) would solve a lot of issues.
2) Let us mail/export/print out multiple 'pages', not just one at a time.
3) It crashes occasionally when pasting, especially into a new page.
4) Let me sort pages the way I want in the page gallery view, by drag/drop or sort filters.
5) When I create a new page whilst looking at a number of pages filtered by tags, add the tags to that new page automatically. Otherwise, I have to go back to 'all', find it (at the bottom rather than at the top), add tags to get it back to the tag view gallery.
6) Add a second or even third pen control so I can quickly change between commonly used styles rather than having to redefine the single pen everytime I want to change.
7) Integrate with dropbox.
8) When I open a page, make sure the 'move' (hand) control is selected by default rather than the 'select' (arrow) control as 'select' can lead to items being unintentionally moved around.
9) When I paste a group of items into a page, if I then hit 'undo', undo the group paste, not every single item within the group one-by-one.
10) Occasionally, the 'ink point' (where the ink appears on the screen as you draw) moves away (offsets) from the stylus (usually a few mms to the left).
11) Allow me to hide the control bar at the top, a la Notes+.
12) Did I mention that you need to integrate all Draw functionality into Notes+ to make it awesome?

Oh, and adding in handwriting conversion would be interesting.

Hope this helps. Look forward to new updates....

Joost Markerink

Very useful editing interface.
The graphic design could be a bit better but the interaction design is awesome.


Love neu draw, very usable.
- Canvas sizes - A4, A3, iPad screen, custom
- Grid custom scale, spacing
- Custom stamps, add a shape or image to the stamp collection
- Layers would be nice but not as important as the three above.


It's an user friendly app, ease to use and help me to handle lot of graphs :)
However, when total number of graphs over 60 or 70, the app will exit if I want to list all graphs ! Hope the next update will fix it. Really love this app ! ^-^


Ok, first of all, definitely the best vector app out there. So quick, intuitive, and easy to use, it makes throwing an idea together fast and enjoyable. There are only two things I would really like to see in this app. First, how about some pop up arrows (like a dpad) to nudge shapes into place with more accuracy. Second just the ability to make a specific document size and be able to export that to my photo roll on the iPad, preferably png with transparency. Thanks you guys so much, Inkpad ain't nothin compared to you!

Oliver Clarke

In addition to the previous comment, the ability to simplify paths (as implemented in inkscape) would be particularly useful to have when sketching.

Oliver Clarke

Neu.draw is an exceptional app. Congrats. The user-interface is very fluid and intuitive, without sacrificing functionality. I can't believe you're giving it away for free!

I know these are probably in the works, but the three things I'd love to see most are boolean operations for paths (subtract, union, intersect etc), the ability to import svg files, and quick horizontal and vertical mirroring of objects.

I would also suggest that pinching might best be reserved exclusively for zooming - I often find myself accidentally scaling objects while I'm trying to zoom out after an edit.


Bobby Absher

Best vector graphics app available, hands down. Just wanted to show some love :)

Lou Ann

Just found your app really like it after playing with it and reading the i help files while on a plane. I am interested in svg cuttable files so my want list is dropbox, and print using print and share since i already use them on my ipad, local network, netbook and pc.

Look forward to updates.

Ps there are lots of svg/personal cutter users out there -those with ipads are growing and i will be telling them to add you to their new apps list to watch with interest.


Howdy Pete!

Neudraw is the most useful vector editor I have used bar none, surpassing inks ape and Illustrator. It has all the features needed for a vector illustrator and doesn't have anything extra, making it far less cluttered than any other app.things I like about it include the easy, intuitive interface that just let's you start drawing, the tagging system that let's me organize and group drawings in their natural groups, and a hundred other small things that show the true thought and attention to detail you put into this app.

Here's my bug/feature request: when I freedraw shapes, the line reproduces my finger- shaking a little to faithfully, making it hard to get the smooth curves I want. Also, when I freedraw and then go into bezier editing mode, there are far to many points to edit without painstakingly deleting hundreds of vertices. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the touch so fewer points are put on each line? That way I would be able to use the curve editing tools on my freehand drawings.


Hi. For some reason my line is thick and grey. How do I get to a thin black line?


starving for an update :(

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