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I really hated Twitter at first, and then I found it elnemsimy useful and fun, sort of a quick version of IM and email. I liked the fact that a message could be either public or private. You are able to participate as much or as little as you want. However, like everything else, once you start adding on more and more followers and you become dependent on Twitter as a way to communicate with your friends, it loses some of the appeal. Do I really want to interact with people in 140 characters? How do I stop someone from talking about their lunch every day? Is everyone reading my Twitter rather than my blog?!Still, the simplicity of the application is very nice, much different than the chaos that is Facebook, where I got tired of being turned into a zombie, etc.


Please allow the menu to be moved to the bottom or side and the palm drag bar to be set to top, bottom, or side

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