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Pete Stoppani

We are currently working on Search for both neu.Notes+ and neu.Annotate+.

Please try using tags for organization; they are a more powerful alternative to folders.



I use Neu.notes+ and Neu. Annotate on daily base to make notes during customer visits and internal meetings. Doing so I have many notebooks. I am now missing the possibility to search and making use of folders, like some other apps for iPad. Are you planning that in a next release? When?

Kind regards,


D. L. Fuller

You're doing some great work adding more capabilities and refinements with each iteration of an already amazing neu.Notes app . Thank you.

Pete Stoppani

We plan to add the ability specify the units used for the grid.

Thanks for the delete bug report.


D. L. Fuller

Following along with your concept, then is the page grid also based on 160 dpi? With its heavier dividing lines at every 100 pixels except for some minor round-off variation?

Wouldn't it make more sense for users to have the major dividing lines spaced at 1 inch and 160 pixels? And with 10 minor divisions 16 pixels wide? Still consistent with your 160 to 72 dpi conversion, but at least with something that relates better to the specs of a resulting PDF page size.

Note that after a right swipe the Delete button does not delete a custom page.

Pete Stoppani

Point size is effectively based on the original iPhone and current iPad screen pixel size. In general, point size is dependent on the output device. The iPhone DPI is about 160 while the PDF default is 72. So, we rescale to 72 DPI when creating the output PDF.

Yes, we are thinking about cleaning up the output section of the actions menu; thanks for the suggestions.


D. L. Fuller

On what is the point size of text based? Ferinstance, if I use 18 point on a Letter-size page, end up with a Letter-size PDF in Dropbox, and then print a 100% scaled page from there on a Mac, the type is 9 or 10 point in size.

With the additional neu.Notes+ send capabilities can another group be added to the Actions menu for shorter options lists? Say, one for mailing options and one for open in… or send to… options? The main reason being to get what should be popular document PDF options further up with no scrolling required.

And, thanks for quickly getting the fill/checkerboard bug fixed.

Pete Stoppani

Check the Tag selections in the home screen is set to All.



I'm using the latest version of neu.Notes free, and I uses iTunes to transfer a PDF to the app, but it doesn't show up even after restarting the iPad. I can transfer PDF's from CloudReaders OK, was just wondering if I'm the only one seeing this?

D. L. Fuller

neu.Notes+ is outstanding. The ability to select a freehand-drawn object, then move it, change its line width, color and opacity, is simply amazing. As is sending the resulting PDF document to Dropbox, opening it in Illustrator, and there having the fonts and object properties maintained. Except type sizing does get a little goofy.

The Delete button after a right swipe does not delete a custom page.

Some control over the grid would be nice.

The filled eraser or White out might as well be another Pen. Maybe one fixed at 100% White. And, the limiting term "Pens" is somewhat misleading to a newbie. To me they are simply presets of extensive line-fill-text properties. A basic concept that might go unnoticed.

How about promoting text and shapes to the main toolbar instead of under the More Tools icon? They are commonly-used functions as important as lines. If top toolbar space is needed Home, Undo and Redo, or the Actions Menus could be at the bottom.

How about an option to add or delete an item from a selection similar to the technique used in many Mac graphics applications? One of adding a Shift key when clicking on an item to add or delete that item from what is currently selected. Maybe tapping a modifier button first before tapping on an item.

How about a way to hide or show a layer?

Pete Stoppani

Currently, you can use copy/paste to move page contents. We will simpler page management in an upcoming update later this year.


Carlos Sa

A question: is it possible to move pages around?

Pete Stoppani

When a new page is created, the grid properties are setup based on that last page viewed in the notebook. We could also make it the default for all notebooks; we will add this feature to our list.

We do plan to add other grid styles in the future, probably only in the Plus version.

Yes, we can add an option to include the grid during export.

You can get the template effect by duplicating pages and documents; this is in the Plus version.


Pete Stoppani

The fill/checkerboard bug will be fixed in the next update; about a week.


Carlos Sa

A small glitch on the icon used to select line/fill/text colours/opacity/width: the icon is now always showing "fill on", when in reality it is off (the inside area should be checkered, instead of solid colored).

This used to work correctly in previous versions.

TA Durant


This is an amazing app and just what I have been looking for. I am an interior designer and this is great for note taking and sketching over photographs during site visits. Really quick and easy to use, a different page for each room all in the same document. Just a few questions:

Is it possible to have the grid and snap to grid set as default like the page size?
Would it be possible to include an isometric grid in a future update?
Is it possible to have the grid included in the background when exporting to PDF?
Is it possible to save a document as a template so it automatically "saves as" when opened and edited.

Many thanks


Previous versions of neu.notes+had the titles of pages displayed on the bottom of opened pages. This was very handy for me - as a quick reminder to the user. Recent upgrades removed this. For someone with numerous pages and hectic work schedules, this is a must have. Please restore this. As far as I am concerned, the replacement with the page's tags is useless.


I just bought your app and I can't seem to open anything! I downloaded for school purposes, thinking I could open PDF's but I can't do it anywhere. I even added a couple in iTunes through my computer and still nothing....


I have just updated your app.
However, I still cannot back it up properly.
I am on iOS 5. I restarted my iPad and tried it again.
But I still cannot.

So, do you have any solution?

Pete Stoppani

Turns out I also made a mistake, VGA works fine on 5.0 too :)



Sorry Pete, my mistake. The app is still projecting fine under iOS4.3.

I will hold off from upgrading to iOS5 until you guys get the app sorted. Thanks again for a great app.


Pete Stoppani

We are aware that VGA output is not working in 5.0 and will submit an update shortly.



Hi Pete, thanks again for a great app which I use A LOT.

neu.Notes+ is no longer projecting. It was last week, but now it's not. I'm on iPad1, still on iOS4.3.


Pete Stoppani

We are planning to add the ability to create and import custom stamps.



I just started using neu.Notes.
I am making regular sketches of line-up of chemical plant with standard symbol of pumps, vessel etc. which I shown via the iPad VGA converter on the wall instead of using a whiteboard.

Is is possible to make a set of own symbol of "stamps" or "symbols" in for example neu.Draw (or an external program) and load them in neu.Note and/or neu.Annotate ?

I think that, if not yet possible, this would be an enormous improvement

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