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Pete Stoppani

The update was submitted to Apple over a week ago, so were just waiting or Apple to put it in the App Store.


Pavel Flek

Hallo, I bought a new I Pad 3 and I using neu notes + , but I have problems with writing. Writing is not smooth but delays. Will you solve this problem please and when ? I love this app , I am working in neu notes + every day, but this is really problem for me. Thank you for your answer. Pavel Flek

Pete Stoppani

We are working on the Retina display performance issue and will submit an update shortly.



I noticed a delay in writing in neu notes now that I have gone from iPad 1 to the iPad 3. Is this a known issue and will it be corrected soon? I love your product and use it daily.

Pete Stoppani

The next update will support traditional Chinese.



Is neu.Notes+ possible to support traditional Chinese? Now, it is only for simplified Chinese.


Tony Paulino

Hello, I'm an user of neu.notes+. I want to ask ir You can implement the pre-define text tool like in the neu.annotate+. I also agree with the lasso tool.
It's a great app.


I've been using neu.notes every day for my meeting notes for some time. I upgraded to neu.notes+ becaue I wanted some of the extra features, especially the export pdf to ... ability and the features to cut, paste and move elements.

There are 2 suggestions I'd like to share which I think will make this awesome app even more awesome.

First, on the + app, when selecting the "more" menu item, the extra tool bar will overlay over the document. This makes it awkward to select and work with elements on the top line. Please make the document move down to make space when this toolbar is added.

Second, can you please add a "lasso" select tool to the "more" toolbar? This will make it possible to select elements by freehand.

Thanks for the great app.


Serait il possible de rajouter dans les formes prédéfinis : le triangle
Merci de votre compréhension

Pete Stoppani

We have no immediate plans to integrate with Evernote.

We plan to add audio/voice recording in the next update; plus version only.

We plan to add bookmarks in the plus version; is that what you mean by tagging content within.

We do not have plans for text only notes.



Hello, I am a user of neuNotes +, for several months and I'm very appreciating. I wanted to ask you if you plan to implement some features:
- Integration with Evernote
- Voice Recorders
- Tagging content within
- Text-only version of the notes

michael whitchurch

I use neu.notes on both my iPhone and Ipad. When I send a page or document from my iPhone it is sent as an attachment, however, when I send it from my iPad, it is inserted into the body of the email (and not as an attachment). How can I send pages/documents from my iPad as attachments?

Thanks in advance, Michael.


Can you introduce a percentage indicator in the magnifier?

Pete Stoppani

Since we have neu.Annotate which is designed for PDFs, we do not plan to add PDF support to neu.Notes.



Is it planned to implement a PDF Import?

Pete Stoppani

iCloud support will be in the next update.


Ryu J.Heon

Hi, I'm using neu.notes plus on my ipad, iphone both.
I want to share neu.notes's documents between these devices and edit same document on both device.

Unfortunately, iTunes File Sharing is very uncomfortable.

Are you planning file(document) sharing feature through icloud or dropbox?

Anyway, I really appeciate for developing this app. thanks

Pete Stoppani

The point size is adjusted using the Color (Attributes) Picker just to the right of the pens.


Sue Bestwick

Can the point size be adjusted?

Pete Stoppani

Please seehttp://www.neupen.com/static/faq.html#nnpsiiautv18on how to fix the page size (scale) issue after upgrading to neu.Notes 1.8.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Msy Kngs


Pete Stoppani

Please refer to our FAQ (www.neupen.com/FAQ) for instructions on moving notes from the free version to the plus version.


Marcelo Villegas

How can I restore a back up made in Neu.notes(free app) to be opened in Neu.notes ( paid)

Pete Stoppani

We are aware of the page zooming issue and will submit an update shortly.



I just updated neu Notes + today.
And I notice that the pages don't maintain the scale that I want.

For exmaple, I make one page into 200 percents, and tap the page number few times and go back to the 200 percents page, it loses 200 percents. it always fit to the size of the screen. Or, when I close the notes and open it again, and tap the page number few times and come back, all pages lost the percentages which I want.

I would like to maintain the percentage as I have adjusted.
So, do you have any solution?
Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Thank you.

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