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Since a few days I have the following problems with neu.Notes+:
- When I click on a note, older than February 8th, the note disappears from the list; after restarting neu.Notes+ the note is back on the list again, but I still have the same problem; newer notes I can open and I can create new notes.
- When I start the backup process the blue progress notification does not show, even not after 15 minutes; I have 236 notes, using iPad1.
- I have searched for the log file, but am not able to find it; the map CrashReporter on my iMac (OSX 10.8.2) is part of Library/Application Support/, but in this map there is no Mobile Device map

Please help me out, because neu.Notes+ is important to me for business purposes. Because I have no access to certain files I can not follow up my actions. I use this great app since May 2011.

N.B. neu.Notes basic functions without problems.

Kind regards,

Valerie Copenhaver

Compared to all of the other apps I tried, I really like this one - but I have had issues. I have two problems - I am using the free version of Neu Notes.
1. Sometimes when I send a pdf to my email the entire contents of the page isn't saved and reflected on the pdf.

2. Some of my notebooks have disappeared. I thought that it was because I wasn't creating titles on some of the notebooks, but adding a title did not fix the issue. I really like this app but it is a major problem to have my notes disappear.

Pete Stoppani

The typing and external monitor issue will be fixed in the next update in about a week. It is an iOS compatibility issue.



I have one problem after updating your app recently.

I cannot type in characters while outputting to the monitor with a HDMI cable.

I need to show what I am typing to my customers through the monitor.

So do you have any solution?

Pete Stoppani

Tap on the Select tool to toggle the secondary toolbar.



Where did the group feature go in Neu.Notes+ ? Since the last update, the entire secondary bar went away.
Am I missing something?

Pete Stoppani

To enable iCloud, go to Settingsneu.Notes+ and turn it on for both devices.

Eng Wai Ong

Hi, how could I sync my notes in paid neu.Notes+ between my iPhone and iPad ? I want to create note on my iPad and then edit it on my iPhone. I enabled iCloud on neu.Note+ [iCloud> Storage&Backup> Manage Storage> iPhone (iPad on my iPad)] but it does not work. Am I missing something ?

I could not find neu.Notes under the "Document & Data"section.

Neal Payton

Cannot get a pdf that was sent to me to open in neu.notes on my iPhone. I followed the directions in the FAQs. there are less than 10 apps in the "open in" menu, and I restarted the app twice. Still doesn't show up as an option. What else can I do?


I see that you don't have plans to integrate with Evernote, however I would definitely like to put my vote in for it in the future, that was one of the main reasons I held out as long as I did before upgrading to plus. I would love to see that!

Pete Stoppani

Please send us the crash logs per the instructions atwww.neupen.com/FAQ.



Since the latest upgrade to neu.notes+, about a couple of days ago, neu.notes+ has been crashing whenever I try to advance any page in any notebook. I rely heavily on neu.notes for work so this is extremely unnerving. Any solutions to this?

I am using iPad 2 and on i.OS 5.1(9B176). I will be upgrading to 5.1.1 soon.


Nevermind I found it.


Hi Pete

I'm using neu.Notes Plus and I can't remember how to lock objects to the page. I can't find it in the help guide. How do you do it?

Pete Stoppani

When using Airplay, you can disable the time out (Auto-Lock) for the device in the Settings app under the General section.


Matt M.

I have Apple TV in my classroom, and I love mirroring and using Neu Notes+ with my students as a virtual dry erase board. However, when I am not writing on the screen, the app seems to "time out" and loses its AirPlay/mirroring connection. I have to disable and re-engage AirPlay to establish mirroring each time that happens. Is this a bug of some sort?

Thanks for the great work with the app.

Linda Hamilton

Sorry for my last question, I just down loaded Neu annotate so I can edit PDF's and it is brilliant ....just what I was looking for!!

Linda Hamilton

I would like to be able to input PDF articles and then 'write' on them to edit in Neu notes. Does NeuNotes + have this feature?

Pete Stoppani

We plan to add wide fit in the next update.



Thanks for this powerful App.
Is it possible to add also "wide fit" to the page size menue?



Great application but it took for a while to find out how to delete a page(neuNote+; I use both free version and +). It might be against iPad app culture, but I wonder if you could provide a manual. As you add more features ( I'm not against that, though), things are getting more complicated.

Msy Kngs







Great app, fast and smooth. A couple of requests:
1/ Is it possible to integrate handwriting recognition such as visionobjects.com.
2/ Could you provide a button to insert proportional spacing between objects.
3/ Could the size of the text in typing mode box be increased.

Thanks for all your hard work

Alex Avenarius

Very nice fix for the Retina iPad, Pete, many thanks! I also appreciate the "reduced smoothing" fix, because this used to disturb me on the original iPad as well.

We're launching a "mobile iPad classroom" in a school I cooperate with, and I'll be recommending neu.Notes/neu.Notes+ as *the* primary note-taking app for both teachers and students. I can't imagine going to any meeting without neu.Notes on my iPad for the last 2 years. I also work as an interpreter, and neu.Notes has served me excellently on those occasions, too.

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