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ブログがよく書いてあると思います、引き続き注目しております。もっといい文章を書けるように願ています。Good post!

Pete Stoppani

Refer to www.neupen.com/FAQ for instructions on how to restart the app if it appears to be stuck.



Unable to draw on neu.kidsdraw. Is it frozen? If so how do I unfreeze?


Please move the delete. Button it takes way to many taps to delete a note. Then this app would be perfect


Love, love, love this app! Just one problem. It freezes a lot. It's getting hard to use it because of all the freezing. Mainly it happens when resizing the drawing area or when using large size strokes. What can I do about this so I can use it again? Thanks!

Pete Stoppani

Exported files show up in iTunes File Sharing.



When i select export and either PDF or svg nothing happens. Where do the files go?


Is the + version available? I don't see it in the app store.


Haha....I've solved the problem. Stupid me...:p Thanks anyway!


Hi, I've enjoyed my drawings with this fantastic App a lot, but I don't know how to send them via e-mails. Every time I try to send my pic, it tells me to create an e-mail account. Then, where I could create one? I have no idea. Can you help? Thank you!

Pete Stoppani

Kurt, on the home screen, tap on the upper right Actions icon and select the items you want to delete and then tap on Delete in the upper left.


Kurt Behnke

I installed your app a couple of days back. After first tries: great stuff so far! Very intuitive, and it really makes use of the tablet capabilities. This is to stay on my iPad.

I have a silly sounding question: I have produced a great number of drawings, just to gain some experience; finally I want to clean up and couldn't find a way to actually delete files. Can you help?

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